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U.S. Figure Skating President says Russia should be banned from 2018 Olympics over doping

When asked about U.S. Figure Skating’s stance on Russia taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, USFS Association President Samuel Auxier did not mince words.

“It was a huge program, well-coordinated to cheat, and they should pay a pretty stiff penalty. I don’t think they should be able to (compete),” Auxier said at the just concluded U.S. figure skating championships in Kansas City.”

President Auxier  believes the only way the IOC and the ISU (International Skating Union) can maintain00 any level of integrity will be to take a strong stand and to provide a strong penalty for those actions.

Leaders from 19 national anti-doping agencies, including the U.S., have argued that Russia should be excluded from all international sports events, including next year’s Winter Games in South Korea.

“It’s important to us that the ISU take a strong stand against doping and making sure our athletes who are all clean compete against athletes who are clean,” Auxier said. “So we’re very focused on what the decision is and what steps the ISU will take. We’ll exert whatever influence we’re able to.”

Russian skater Adelina Sotnikova won a surprising gold in Sochi. The IOC has announced that 28 unidentified athletes across a variety of sports currently are under investigation, and Italian newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport reported that Sotnikova is among them.

If Sotnikova were to have the Gold Medal taken away by the IOC, several U.S. Figure Skaters would receive a medal other than than what they won in Sochi in Singles and the Team Event.

David Raith, U.S. Figure Skating executive director added: “We’re a highly motivated, highly interested bystander in that so We’ll see what the ISU and the IOC do. Ultimately, it’s going to be their decision.”


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