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Ice Network Streaming from the 2016 U.S. International Figure Skating Classic and U.S. Novice and Junior Challenge Skate in Salt Lake City was the worst I have ever attempted to watch.

President Samuel Auxier, Executive Director David Raith, Chief Marketing Officer Ramsey Baker, All Members of the USFS Board of Directors, First, Second, and Third USFS Vice Presidents, Affiliate Club Presidents, Officials, Coaches, Skaters and all Ice Network paying subscribers…

The product that Ice Network is delivering to all of us is totally UNACCEPTABLE! WHEN WILL THOSE IN CHARGE TAKE ACTION? WE ARE ALL BEING HOSED!

If you agree, please Club Governing Council Reps everywhere please start a coordinated effort to take this to the next GC in May of 2017. Get it on the Official Business Agenda and demand action.

No one at Ice Network responds to our pleadings to provide a reliable, clean and full HD quality stream that is reliably free of the kinds of spitting, sputtering, pixelating, sound loss and video jumping and stalling that we viewers experienced this weekend from Salt Lake City. They are SILENT!

Please write to USFS headquarters, speak up loudly and often to the leaders at all levels. Start a concerted effort to bring pressure on those who have the power (but seemingly refuse to even discuss) a plan to make changes to correct this lousy product.

President Auxier, Executive Director Raith and CMO Baker allowing this poor stream quality to continue is not just dissing your subscribers, it is more importantly showing great disrespect to the Skaters who work their asses off to give (not just those who fill the seats) but all subscribing fans the very best product from their work. Your streaming product should always be your best. 



Please sign the Petition at and demand a modern top quality HD Streaming service from U.S. Figure Skating and Ice Network.



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