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ISU: un-anonymize & publish protocols from Code of Points (IJS) since the system was instituted?

I borrowed the title of this note from a thread at Golden Skate Forum. With the official end of secret judging approved last month at the ISU Congress I find the idea of unmasking of all secrets marks from all previous competitions very enticing. Certainly most fans would love to know which marks judges gave in each event since IJS was installed for all ISU competitions.
I don’t believe the ISU is ready at this point in history to come completely clean in this regard; but why not at least consider the possibility. I believe that the ISU Secretariat has the capability to retrofit all the old anonymous protocols of the CoP system. Referees at ISU competitions had to have the capability to know how and what marks were given out. Also I believe that the computer program used to scramble the scores also has the capability to piece together the original marks from each judge.
Obviously many NGB’s within the Congress would likely be totally opposed. I could eventually see others wanting to uncover all original markings to purge skating history from all its secret politics. This for me is the scab left on the sport by Ottavio Cinquanta. Give it time to heal and the political skin of the ISU to be restored. Part of that restoration would be to make available all original scoring unmasked and brought into the light for Figure Skating’s posterity.
What better gesture from the ISU leadership to restore some badly needed credibility to the sport.
Read more on this from the original thread at Golden Skate Forum
Pete Murray, Editor

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