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Russian track and field athletes banned from Rio Olympics by IAAF

“The statement that we’ve made today is a very clear indication that over the long haul, our responsibility is to protect clean athletes and this is what this says,” IAAF President Sebastien Coe said. 

Blazing Blades Commentary:

I totally agree with the IAAF conclusion and that any clean athletes in Russia who did not speak up about the sponsored cheating/doping, either for lack of courage or other reasons, did no justice to helping bring this mess in Russian sports to light much earlier. I have no sympathy for them at this point. If they can prove beyond a doubt that they have been and continue to be clean, free of RUSADA control agents, they have a chance to clear themselves for competition.

I am also happy to see that the IAAF will look favorably on an application from former track star Yuliya Stepanova to compete in Rio under the IOC Flag. She had the courage to report to WADA and IAAF the mass cheating, both in London and in Sochi.

Personally if WADA’s report on the Sochi RUSADA lab cover-up is found to be confirmed, then I call for all Russian athletes (in all sports) to be banned from Rio, the 2018 Korean Games and 2020 Summer Olympics as well.

Pete Murray, Editor



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