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Published Candidate Manifestos for the ISU Presidential Election – June 2016

With the latest ‘Vision Statement’ published today (May 21, 2016) by ISU Presidential Candidate Christopher Buchanan of Great Britain, all four candidates manifestos are now available to all within the skating community as well as fans and the general public for review. The election of the next generation of leadership for skating’s international governing body will take place during the 2016 ISU Congress beginning on June 6th.

Published Candidate Manifestos for ISU President

Below find the links to each published manifesto from Candidates for President of the International Skating Union (ISU) 2016.
Didier Gailhaguet (France) – “Change before you get changed!”
Jan Dijkema (Holland) – “Inspiration and Innovation!”…
György Sallak (Hungary) – “Commitment To Skating, Dedication to Progress, Loyalty to ISU”…
Christopher Buchanan (Great Britain) – “The Future Vision”…

Published Candidate Manifestos for ISU’s Figure Skating Vice Presidential Election – June 2016

Marie Lundmark (Finland) – “ISU Without Borders”…
Alexander Lakernik (Russia) –…
2016 ISU Congress Event Schedule
Communication No. 2004 – AGENDA OF THE 56th ORDINARY CONGRESS DUBROVNIK – 2016 

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