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Anonymous Email sent to all ISU Members questions Hungary’s György Sallak’s use of Development Funding

An email sent earlier this month to, and addressed to members of the “World Skating Family,” claimed Hungary’s György Sallak is using the ISU development funding for electoral purposes.

The message, addressed to members of the “World Skating Family” and signed by an anonymous person with the inititals “Mr K.M.”, raised questions over “whether a person who spends ISU money in such a manner can be suitable to take control over and to manage the total ISU budget”.

Blazing Blades received a copy of the mentioned email today from an anonymous source. The author of the email, “Mr. K.M. raises some important issues that all ISU members (they all received a copy from him) must consider about the candidacy of Mr. Sallak. Additionally it is important that all Skating Officials, Judges, Coaches, Skaters and all of us who follow this great sport, be aware of this information.

Dear Members of the World Skating Family,

We have previously informed you about a group of dishonest people like Slobodan Delic, Jeroen Prins, David Raith and others, in the attempt to manipulate the upcoming ISU elections.
As follows we wish to provide you with some additional information regarding recent activities of the candidate to the position of ISU President, Mr. Gyorgy Sallak.
For over a decade Mr. Sallak has already kept the position of the ISU Development Coordinator. During this period of time he organized development events for all the ISU sports, mostly for Short Track.

Our main concerns consist of:
1. Is it acceptable that Mr.Sallak manages a budget in the amount of $6m per year with almost no control?
2. Is it acceptable that Mr.Sallak uses this budget to travel and to buy votes?
3. Is it acceptable that while all financial operations of the ISU are centralized in Lausanne, the Development plan operational structure is located in Budapest?
4. Is it acceptable that the country in which Mr.Sallak is the General Secretary and now the Director of International affairs, received at least 5 Development projects every season? Furthermore, the same country received by far the highest total amount of financial support for Development events with the highest total amount of scholarships for the past season as well as 5 major ISU events during the current season 2015 -2016 which are:

– World Junior Figure Skating Championships: March 14 – 20, 2016, Debrecen, Hungary,
– World Synchronized Championships: April 8/9, 2016, Budapest, Hungary,
– Europe Cup Final: March 18 – 20, 2016, Budapest, Hungary,
– East and Central European Regional Training Camp: February 9 -19, 2015, Budapest, Hungary,
– Figure Skating Regional Training Camp: May 4-14, 2015, Budapest, Hungary.
5. Is it acceptable that Hungary, in which the candidate to the position of the ISU
President is located, gets all those great events in the year of the elections? So, we
question whether the practice of Mr. Sallak is meant to benefit himself and his
6. Is it acceptable that apart from the ISU contribution to special events, Hungary
has received over 20% of the Development funds of around $450 000.
At the same time many small countries, e.g. Ukraine, Rumania, Estonia, Turkey,
small Asian countries and many others received no funds at all?
(In Reference: the distribution of funds can be found on the ISU website.)
7. Is it acceptable that only 15 countries out of 72 ISU members have been funded
by Mr. Sallak?
8. Is it acceptable that Mr. Sallak’s annual salary amounts 143 000 Swiss Franks in
return for his efforts in following his personal interest rather than developing ISU
9. Is it acceptable that based on the contribution of the Development plan given to
Hungary, Mr. Sallak has a second salary close to 150 000Swis Franks from the
Federation as a former appointed General Secretary and now appointed Director
of International affairs.
10. And finally, is it acceptable that at least 7 ISU Members have been asked to return
3000 to 7000 Euro of ISU funds in cash to Mr. Sallak? As soon as countries
refused to pay this money, they have been erased from the list of funded countries
and did not receive any ISU Development funds the years after.
According to these facts that are known worldwide we have to raise a question whether       a person who spends ISU money in such a manner can be suitable to take a control over       and to manage the total ISU budget.

Mr. K.M.


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