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Christopher Buchanan will take a shot at the top and is going to run for President of the I.S.U. Current President Ottavio Cinquanta has decided to resign his post for health reasons. It’s not sure if any candidacy is to be expected from the side of speed skating.

In 2010 Buchanan was elected chairman of the ISU Synchronized Skating Technical Committee, his first position as an office holder within the ISU. Buchanan’s professional experience is in international banking, which has taken to him from his home country of the United Kingdom to North America and Asia, providing him with a good business and international perspective that an ISU president needs.

The election of a new President is at the center of the ISU Annual Congress to be held from 6 to 10 June in Dubrovnik, Croatian. Whether there will be presidential candidate from the camp of speed skating, is still open. 

Mr. Christopher Buchannan is on Facebook @


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