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Ice Networks’ Crashing Live Stream Problems: No More Excuses! U.S. Figure Skating Must Fix.

Ice Networks’ terrible reputation needs little help from its subscribers. Ice Networks’ continual screw-ups has deservedly earned it!

U.S. Figure Skating media officials have not once publicly spoken out on the lousy streaming quality and service to its subscribers and what steps are being or will be done to make it the premiere streaming provider on the internet. U.S. Figure Skating should be taking steps to do whatever they must to end the bad satellite streaming service and constant technical mistakes that techs continually make. Additionally, the Ice Network online player needs to be up-graded, and a better satellite service should be contracted that can deliver CLEAN STREAMS.

Ice Network seems to have very few problems carrying Live Streaming from foreign entities and the ISU. It’s their ‘original’ streaming that is where Ice Network is failing miserably. It is just insufferable what lousy original live product Ice Network continually provides. Ice Network should not be a substandard streamer as compared to many other sources around the globe.

This issue should be brought to the forefront at the next USFS Governing Council and forcefully! The poor service must be addressed openly. Those in the know at U.S. Figure Skating who are responsible for making Ice Network a premiere streamer must not offer excuses but address with the upcoming Governing Council what specific steps can and should be taken to correct the lousy service.

My message to USFSA officials – Being a monopoly streaming provider, should never be taken to mean you have a license to abuse your paid subscribers with silence or constant excuses for an inferior product. If money is part of the problem, re-adjust your budget to upgrade onsite equipment and contract with a better satellite service provider. If part of the problem is personnel, i.e. and its advertised top-rated web platform for live streaming not being the professionals they claim to be, then fire them and find another service partner to do the job.

Finally, U.S. Figure Skating officials have an obligation to its Ice Network subscribers and the skating community it represents to deal openly with this long suffering unprofessional service.

Peter Murray, Blazing Blades


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