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Finals of Trophee Eric Bompard Cancelled Due to Terror Attacks in Paris

November 14, 2015

  • 2015 ISU Grand Prix Series Trophee Eric Bompard FB Cover CANCELLED

    Sad that murderers get to control events as we have seen today with the cancellation of TEB. Understandable however to protect those involved in the competition.

    It is ridiculous that the ISU does not have an established protocol in place within their bylaws/rules to address interrupted events. This situation MUST be addressed at the next ISU Congress next May, or a Special Congress before that date.

    Though I will accept Peter Krick’s recommendation to the ISU Council to use the results of the ‪#‎TEB15‬ Short Program to determined point qualifications for the Grand Prix Final participation, I would much prefer a postponement of the Free Skates/Free Dances until a date selected between the conclusion of the NHK Trophy and scheduled start of the GPF. This in my opinion would be the best way to resolve this situation, the fairest way.

    Yes this would step on the ISU expenditures toes, but how often does this happen? Bite the bullet ISU Leadership and do what is BEST for all the skaters. You can and should make this the established protocol for future event interruptions… Postpone… do not invalidate a competition via Cancellation.

    With no established protocol in place, it seems likely the SP results will be used… but I say don’t do this to skaters in the future. Postpone don’t Cancel. Bite the financial bullet ISU and hold TEB FS/FD event at a date between end of NHK Trophy and GPF. ISU could even consider adding a couple of days to the start of GPF to hold TEB Free Skates. But most of all the ISU should not wait until next ISU Congress in May to address this issue. Call a Special ISU Congress as soon as possible to establish a permanent set of protocols within ISU By-Laws and Rules for future use.

    Meanwhile all of the international figure skating community stands in solidarity with the citizens of France. Viva la France!

    Peter Murray, Editor

    French Spirit in face of Terror


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