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Bringing Perspective to the “Unfairness” Idiots

Gailhaguet tells skaters the 2015 TEB is cancelled mid-competition

Now I am going to go off on a rant…

If I hear or read one more comment about how the cancellation of TEB is going to be “UNFAIR” to a particular skater or fan favorites I will go off on them personally.

Murderers made this happen. The only thing Cinquanta is responsible for is the ISU’s failure years ago to insure a protocol or set of protocols was made part of ISU Regulations/Rules on how to handle interrupted or cancelled incomplete events. With no rules set in stone to go by the ISU is flying by the seat of their pants. Once again they are only reactive and after the fact. Lousy leadership is biting the skaters in the ass once again.

Whatever they decide now, someone in the skating community or fandom is going to cry “That’s Unfair!”

Want to know what is really unfair? Those hundreds of young people who were badly injured or had their lives cut short by Islamic Terrorists. That’s the only important claim of unfairness! Think about that before mouthing off on how you think your skater or group of skaters is being victimized! For goodness sake guys, grow a pair… gals, put on your big girl panties and get angry at these perverted (in false name of Allah) terrorists. Get angry at your leaders for sitting on their collective asses and letting this go on for years now. This is where your cries of unfairness need to be directed. – Peter @ Blazing Blades


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