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Thoughts on Julia Lipnitskaya from Ilia Averbukh

I’m going to tell you something quite sensational: this program [Evgenia Medvedeva’s LP] was offered to Lipnitskaia last year. It suited Julia, we choreographed it quite early, but Julia’s mother said she can’t compete with it. I guess, my autority as a choreographer who made a very successful Olympic program [for Lipnitskaya] wasn’t enough.

In the end it was decided to change the program; the whole season went down the drain and we all saw how it ended. I think what happened now [Medvedeva’s win] proves you need to trust the professionals you work with. I’m glad the idea of this program didn’t die, thank you to Zhenya for bringing it to life. […]

I think if someone sets a goal and finds my comments after the Olympic Games when everyone was euphoric about Lipnitskaya and spoke of her in superlatives, he’ll see I said there’s a tough period ahead for Julia when she [her body] starts to change. It’s obvious she’s predisposed to gaining weight, and immense will power and self-awareness is needed to go through this.

Based on my experience of work with Zhenya I assume she’ll pass through such period easier because she’s a different person. But of course we have to support Julia as we have an example of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva who successfully came back and became a world champion.

I think everything is in Julia’s hands. She just needs to stop looking for external factors – in her coach, choreographer, training conditions – and try to find it in herself. This question comes up for every top athlete. And they either find the answer or disappear.

Ilia Averbukh  

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