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Savchenko – Massot: The denouement

Bruno Massot went this Monday, October 26, 2015, at the initiative of the President of the French Federation of Ice Sports Didier Gailhaguet for talks at the headquarters of FFSG.

“In this too long saga” Savchenko – Massot, “Bruno has not ceased to be my priority for one simple reason, it is above all a very good athlete and athletes must always be supported and encouraged. This concern led me to wish this meeting.

From the moment the rules of FFSG and those of the International Skating Union (ISU) have been met, the FFSG authorizes the transfer of Bruno so that he has the opportunity to compete with Aljona for Germany and I wish him “good luck” for the rest of his career.

This case, however, should allow everyone to understand the delicate system of international transfers that are a reality above all sports but also legal and even emotional.

The carrier will FFSG in June 2016 proposals to Congress of the International Federation on regulation by UIS of such transfers in the sole interests of the athletes and those who trained them.

Said Didier Gailhaguet after the meeting’ “The “release” of FFSG then probably the “clearance” of the ISU, will be effective as soon as possible.”


Blazing Blades Commentary:

I am pleased that the petition by International Friends of Figure Skating brought much needed attention to Aliona and Bruno’s plight. I am not certain, however, that it provided the level of pressure high enough to change Didier’s mind to release Bruno. The effort however is very commendable.

No, I think this was a decision that Didier knew he must make in order to clear his ETHICAL plate as his run to replace Speedy as the next ISU President begins. It was a calculated yet cynical move to improve his chances of gaining support among ISU Member representatives.

I don’t trust him or his proposals outlined on his campaign website ( If anyone is going to challenge him, they had better announce very soon and do so with a strong and visible online presence. Otherwise, we will have another corrupt ISU leader for the foreseeable future.


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