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A message from Bruno Massot for all members of the figure skating community

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Hello to all,

Today bad news has fallen.

The ISU refuses to change anything in our situation. The French Federation doesn’t always gives me the right to competitions or even to win my life through galas.
The question that I am often asked is that, the sports world is nothing without the sportsmen, so why stop them to pursue their dreams?
The federations are to support the athletes, the isu is a federation, what is it?

I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s hard to keep hope when one has the impression that someone doesn’t want you. By fear or by jealousy, these people who are normally there for athletes do everything the opposite of their duties. So today, I’m sad and disgusted!

I’ve already lost almost 2 seasons of competitions, experiences, and perhaps of medals. Is it not enough as punishment for having decided to skate for another country?
About the price of my transfer.. Haha I have the impression that I’m an object! The FFSG request now 30,000 € to the German Federation for ‘a possible’ release. It’s crazy! The success of sportsmen is not important, it’s only a matter of money. This is what the federation is reduced. Forced to ask exorbitant sums of money for not having of jocks earlier in the ranking than its own.

We will continue to drag us into the hope that a good news is coming. I hope to see you soon in competition!

Thank you all to continue to support us.


3 comments on “A message from Bruno Massot for all members of the figure skating community

  1. Liam Cross
    October 21, 2015

    It is such a shame that Bruno is being held ransom.

    It seems that the options for Bruno’s release are limited. Therefore to I have put together a fundraiser to raise the required amount of money for Bruno Massot’s release. If you wish to help Bruno & Aljona through this please please make a donation.

    We can make a change!

    Here is the link to the fundraiser:

    Thank You so much!

  2. Perrey Fabrice
    October 21, 2015

    Shame on you ISU, you destroy champions for the benefit of vile schemers !

  3. visaliakid
    October 20, 2015

    … And the President of French Figure Skating Federation, Didier Gailhaguet (who is demanding a 30,000 pound ransom for Bruno’s release to the German Skating Federation; and who was sanctioned for 3 years by the ISU for having played a major role in corrupting the Pairs and Ice Dance judging at the 2002 Olympic Games) feels he is qualified to be Ottavio Cinquanta’s successor as the next ISU President? How many votes will he buy from ISU Congressional Members to take his cheating and corruption from France to the leadership of the International Community!

    WAKE UP – ISU Representatives. Deny this corrupt cheater any further damage to our sport!

    Peter Murray – Editor, Blazing Blades

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