International Competitive Figure Skating – Issues and Events

Tracking ISU and U.S. Figure Skating Events, Issues and Governance

The Skating Lesson (TSL): Bringing the inner-workings of our sport to skating fans everywhere

TSL’s new ‘On-The-Road’ Series is breaking new ground in the promotion of the sport of figure skating. Not only that, the manner in which they are delivering it to their viewers is far and above what Network Television has ever accomplished. TSL shows the inner-workings of the skating world with cooperation from coaches and athletes, past and present. Couple this with a professionalism that equals any of the Television Networks or online streamers today. Top notch scripting, editing and camera-work from a talented and hard working staff combined with great commentary from Jennifer Kirk and Dave Lease is setting the new standard for figure skating features online. Check out their latest efforts from an On-The-Road visit to the coaching camp of Kori Ade. – Pete Murray @ Blazing Blades

Skate 7K: 7,000 Feet and Rising


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