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the blame game

The Blame Game; A comprehensive look at the at how the Hanyu/Han accident at Cup of China was not handled properly by the Host officials, Federations or the ISU; and what rules currently are in place as well as what changes need to be instituted. IMPORTANT READ!


this is the last cup of china post i’m going to make for now, but i want to make a really important point that i think a lot of people, on tumblr at least, have been missing. i’ve seen a lot more comments than i like indicating that some people believe there are a handful of fans who are “overreacting” and contributing to a “toxic, negative fandom.” i’ve seen a handful of comments frustrated by the anger and rage some posts have directed towards the coaching teams and the ISU.

i’m going to go through all of this step by analytic step. i want to talk about why it’s so crucial that we talk about what happened, that we point fingers and assign blame. i want to talk about why our rage is necessary, why it’s essential, and why every single angry fan was absolutely within their right to rail…

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