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A Major Change in PSA Bylaws Adopted

Notice of By- Law Amendment

The PSA Board of Governors has voted to amend the by-laws, specifically the code of ethics rules two and three.

The rationale for the changes was in response to concerns raised by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) regarding the provision in PSA’s former Code of Ethics that stated:

No member shall in any case solicit pupils of another member, directly or indirectly, or through third parties.

The FTC alleges that this provision in the Code of Ethics violates the Federal Trade Commission Act because it inhibits economic competition among coaches.

The amended Code of Ethics is as follows:


Code of Ethics (NEW 10.29.2014)

1. Members of the Professional Skaters Association (hereafter referred to as “members”), shall at all times exercise the greatest care and discretion in their relationships with other members, pupils, and pupils of other members.

2. No member shall represent themselves using false or deceptive statements intended to mislead

3. In order to protect the safety and development of students, no member shall engage in any in-person solicitation of a student while the student is actively engaged in a lesson or while “performing”. “Performing” means skating or preparing to skate in an event at an arena in a test, competition, or exhibition, and includes meeting with coaches, locker room time, practice skating, and warm-up skating.

4. Members shall dress neatly and in a clean and appropriate manner as is becoming of a member of the Professional Skaters Association. Members shall be ever mindful of the influence they exercise over their pupils and under all circumstances this trust should never be abused.

5. Members shall at all times be mindful that he or she has the responsibility to influence his or her student to act ethically, with dignity, and with high moral conduct. Members shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest desirable ideas of character in his or her student, nor shall the member act in any manner inconsistent with a high standard of ethical and moral conduct.

6. Members shall take an active role in the prevention of using illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco abuse

7. All members recognize that they shall act in a manner which avoids verbal or physical abuse of any skaters, other coaches, parents, or officials. Members shall not engage in, nor permit any skater with whom they are charged with the responsibility of coaching to engage in, any offense in violation of federal, state, or local law, or laws of a foreign government.

8. Members shall at all times avoid conflicts of interest which can be considered to exist at any time, when the actions of the member for his or herself or on behalf of a skater would involve the obtaining of an improper advantage.

Respectfully submitted,
The Professional Skaters Association


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