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[Updated with new info July 4] – Remembering the case of Walter Toigo – Two Year Sanction for Judging and Ethic Violations

This 2012 ISU report of action just published on ISU website. Why? – Read the 2 year old ISU Disciplinary Committee report of action that I published July 3rd, 2014 on Blazing Blades @

Update on the Walter Toigo ISU disciplinary committee action –

The full decision of the ISU Disciplinary Committee on the case of Walter Toigo has been published on the ISU web site only a few days ago, following the decision of the 2014 Congress which accepted the appeal submitted by the Discipline Committee against the decision of the Council not to have it published.  You can check this point on the Agenda of the ISU Congress page 3. It is under point 13 a) Motion of the ISU Disciplinary Commission.  It reads as follows:

a) Motion of the ISU Disciplinary Commission

All decisions of the ISU Disciplinary Commission rendered since the formation of the Commission in 2004 shall be published in their entirety on the ISU website under the submenu “Committees/Internal” in a separate folder called “Decisions of the ISU Disciplinary Commission.


At the 2012 ISU Congress in Kuala Lumpur the following Proposal No. 39 was unanimously accepted by the Congress: “to impose mandatory publication on the ISU website of the decisions of the Disciplinary Commission and the Court of Arbitration for Sports available for continued public access in their entirety without alteration or approval of the ISU Council in order to provide transparency, to improve the case law and to provide precedent for future matters and in line with the fact that the Disciplinary Commission is an independent body elected by the Congress.”

Accordingly the following sentence was added to Article 27 Para 2 of the ISU Constitution 2012: “In addition, final decisions of the DC and any subsequent corresponding final decisions of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) shall be published in their entirety on the ISU website no later than the next business day following the rendering of any final decision and shall remain available on the ISU website for public access.”

Cause for the amendment to the Constitution was the case of ISU vs. Toigo and the fact that the ISU Council refused to publish the final decision in full length on the ISU website (See Minutes of the 54th Ordinary Congress, pages 39 and 40). After the Congress 2012 the Disciplinary Commission requested to publish the Toigo decision, but the Council still refused the request arguing that the new provision in Article 27, paragraph 2 of the ISU Constitution relating to the publication of DC decisions, shall only apply to decisions rendered after the Kuala Lumpur Congress, whereas the decision in the case Toigo has been rendered in 2011.

Therefore the Disciplinary Commission moves to publish every decision without exemption.

This motion is an appeal to the Congress according to Article 24 Paragraph 8 d) of the ISU Constitution 2012.

Volker Waldeck Chair of the ISU Disciplinary Commission 


So as read above, once again the leadership of the ISU chose to hide a disciplinary action against an international level Judge involved in unethical behavior. The fact that it has taken two years to make the action public speaks volumes as to why those holding the reins of power need to be replaced. It further confirms the old guard are clueless to the damage they continue to bring to the sport of Figure Skating.

The ISU Leadership’s motto should read: Delay (Reform) – Deny (Any Wrong doing) – Decieve (Fans and Public) – Destroy (The Sport)!



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