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It seems that Mr. Cinquanta had under the table plans for the ISU Congress in Dublin

Cinquanta’s loyal Serbian vassal Ubavka Kutinou submitted a proposal buried in proposals from Belarus and Russia to cancel all ISU age limits (and thus make him Life-Time President). Those proposals were rejected.

Ubavka, a lady close to retirement, announced that she will submit a complaint to European Union, where limitations based on maximum age constitute discrimination.

Cinquanta immediately got interested at this offer of Ubavka and promised to verify compliance of ISU rules with EU laws and, if possible, to immediately force ISU Council to implement corresponding changes.

Sorry folks that false narrative won’t fly. Just because the Office of the ISU is registered in Europe does not mean it has to live by European rules. The ISU, made up of NGB’s throughout the world, comes under the immediate jurisdiction of the IOC. If Speedy were to attempt to force ISU Members to submit to this bit of nonsense, that might likely cause the breakup of the International Skating Union.

More on this from the articleIRISH COFFEE SOVIET STYLE“ 


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