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A Possible Candidate for ISU President in 2016?

A name being mentioned among many in the european skating community as a possible candidate to succeed Ottavio Cinquanta as President of the ISU is Maria Teresa Samaranch, daughter of the late IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch. She is the current President of the Federación Espanola de Deportes de Hielo. 

When she became President of Spain’s Figure Skating Federation in 2005 Mrs Samaranch succeeded in separating Figure Skating from the original Spanish Winter Sports Federation. She recognized that FS would not improve in Spain until it separated from Speed Skating and the other winter sports. It is this very fact that makes me want to take a very long look at her as possibly the next ISU President

From the Feb. 4, 2014 article “Maria Teresa Samaranch: My father taught me that left hand is needed in the Olympic world“,,, 

Maria Teresa Samaranch Olympic passion inherited from his father , former President of the International Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch , and the style and “savoir faire” of his mother, Bibis Salisachs. Maybe that’s why no one better than her to lead the Spanish novel yet Ice Sports Federation (created only 8 years ago) that in just under two weeks to go in the examination Winter Olympics in Sochi . Samaranch headed the Federation with an iron fist and velvet glove, and as a result has achieved the largest Spanish delegation for a Winter Games, chaired by Javier Fernández Madrid skater, one of the great promises of world figure skating.

– Do you think all these achievements a success of his administration?

-No, but confirms that it was necessary to have a specific Federation for ice sports. Eight years ago the ice broke away from the Royal Winter Sports Federation and now we have two federations. We show that the decision was a wise move.

– What are your expectations for Sochi?

-We carry the largest ice delegation in the history of Spanish sport: fourskaters and skeleton athlete. My expectations are set on Javier Fernandez, already champion of Europe . Will his second Olympic Games and has many possibilities. But skating is a very complex sport that you play you all in a few minutes and not all skater depends, but also the performance of adversaries. It will compete with the world’s top ten.

-Javier trains throughout the year in Canada. Is a bone to develop a quarry in Spain?

-Our elite skaters must leave Spain for a basic problem: there are very few clues in our country, missing hours of ice.

-The Sochi Games are shrouded in a controversy over homophobic policies of Putin. Can this overshadow the competition?

-No. Protest movements Whenever there arise the Games. The Games are an important showcase that become an ideal time for demonstrations . But once they start competitions, sports is the protagonist.

– Are you still recovering from the setback of the Madrid 2020 bid?

-No, we are at another stage. Had Madrid bid for 2012, 2016 and 2020, so it has really been a long and fruitful for Spanish sport stage. A nomination helps all sports , helps develop facilities, helps people to think more in sport and its athletes. It has not been but I think Madrid will soon load.

-If your father had been alive, Madrid would have won?

The truth is I do not know. My father worked hard for the candidacies of Madrid 2012 and 2016, much was involved but did not reach 2020 . latter was composed of professionals who knew what they had to do.

– IOC members laughed a lot of “relaxing cup of coffee with milk” Ana Botella?

He He was like a nice anecdote. I was in Buenos Aires with her ​​and I know that the mayor rehearsed that speech over and over again. And nobody seemed ridiculous phrase. I think that out of context. She took it well … good, good. It has become like a cliché, but did not affect the candidacy of Madrid . The only controversy was generated in Spain.The rest of the world “relaxing cup of coffee” or was going nor coming.

-I mean, what the IOC is not mocked the mayor English?

-Not at all. IOC members, who are from all countries of the world, can speak English , some better and some worse. There is everything.

-You and your brother are the Olympic legacy of his father. Is it hard to maintain a high standard?

-Is that the bar is not high, it is very high. We try to do our best.

– What advice his father gave him for this job?

-Be persistent, work in teams, learn to delegate and not lose the will to go on. There are very good, some bad , but we must never falter.He also taught me that in this Olympic world and left a lot of diplomacy is needed.

Her mother, Bibis, was one of the most elegant women in Spain. Do you also follow the legacy of her?

-I have no particular interest in fashion. I like to follow trends, but without exaggeration. I grew up watching my mother dress well and learned from her the taste to go fixed. She was a myth.

The King was a great friend of his parents. How does the delicate situation Don Juan Carlos?

-All the royal family has been very close to my parents. We always supported, not only in my father’s funeral. We always receive their support in everything related to the Olympic movement . They are great sports enthusiasts, from sailing to skiing. The situation facing now the King is sad but I think it will go forward with good results.


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