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Since U.S. Figure Skating neglected to even mention him in their article posted to the USFS website on the election of Sam Auxier to be the 31st President of the Association, Blazing Blades will take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ron Pfenning for his run for the office.

Many in the skating community are most appreciative Ron for your advocacy of transparency in governance and encouragement for USFS putting more attention to Clubs, Skaters and Coaches in the decision-making process. Your followers, myself included, seem more willing to see a new direction for Skating’s leadership both here in the U.S.A and at the international level than those who apparently are not ready for same. 

I sincerely offer my support and hope for a successful stewardship to President Auxier for his next two years as head of the World’s largest Figure Skating National Governing Body. Figure Skating is in need of a strong, steady and forward-thinking hand and heart as it faces a financial and viewership crisis. Hit the ground running President Auxier and skating fans will follow.

We may not always agree on issues but we all want an increased popularity for skating, here and in Europe, not just in Asia; A scoring system that is explainable to the average viewer, not just skatings’ elite and hard-core fans; Honest and non-secret judging from WELL TRAINED judges free from outside influence and pressure; and the business of leadership and decision making at annual governing council much more open to everyone, from local clubs to the skating community and fans.


Peter Murray – Editor, Blazing Blades


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