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Skating Fans and Followers: An Important Read From George Rossano

The Battle in Seattle Heats Up: George Rossano’s Take on the race for USFS President and the fear mongering tactics being used against Ron Pfenning

“The election for U.S. Figure Skating president has generated an e-mail storm in the last week, as the 2014 Governing Council meeting in Seattle, WA, approaches.  Our in-box has been besieged by position papers, manifestos, editorials, endorsements and commentaries addressing the contested election for U.S. Figure Skating president in which Ron Pfenning is running against the nominating committee candidate, Sam Auxier.

Most of this e-mail traffic concerns Ron Pfenning and why one should or should not vote for him.  Following his nomination in March, Auxier released an e-mail blast on his candidacy, and another earlier today.  Beyond that, his campaign has been low key, no doubt with the knowledge that being the candidate of the nominating committee, even for an open office, is as good as running as a favored incumbent.” 

Read the entire article at –  Ice Skating International: Online

George Rossano’s article describes the arguments being spread among delegates to the upcoming USFS Governing Council as fear mongering. Well, here is an example of what I suspect is front and center in that fear mongering effort. Not surprisingly it comes from long-time perveyor of anti-Pfenning venom, Morry Stillwell. Download this very recent missive ‘Debunking the Fable of a Candidate.pdf” and see exactly what Mr. Rossano has characterized in his article above. 


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