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PSA Response to Janet Lynn’s editorial

The PSA would like to clarify inaccurate and false statements made in her piece entitled, “Open Inquiry to Those Wanting to Become President of USFS.”


Present policy of USFS and PSA

Any and all credentials earned within past figure skating history are no longer considered relevant as qualifications to officially teach figure skating, to officially attend tests, competitions and USFS/PSA sanctioned events. These include School Figure, Ice Dance and Pair tests passed after hundreds, even thousands, of hours on ice, as well as successful competitive records, including National, World and Olympic medal winners.

Present requirement for teaching and officially participating in USFS/PSA figure skating: 
Pay for and pass tests online—every year.

~How will you address the issue that USFS and PSA have eliminated past historical, sound credentials as qualifications for participation in the sport?

~How will you address the issue that USFS and PSA Hall of Fame coaches are required to pay for and pass tests every year online in order to officially participate in the sport?

PSA Response:

First, U.S. Figure Skating and PSA are separate organizations. PSA membership is made up of coaches who primarily coach U.S. Figure Skating members, but also includes those who teach for ISI – in fact, 25% of PSA membership. The PSA also includes members from 16 countries.

The PSA does not sanction or endorse any show, competition, or test event. That is a function of US Figure Skating or the Ice Skating Institute.

The tests referred to by Janet Lynn are the Continuing Education Requirement (CER) and are exclusively a rule of U.S. Figure Skating passed by due process by the U.S. Figure Skating governing council. PSA members are not required to take the CERs to maintain PSA membership. Additionally, PSA membership is not required to take the Continuing Education Requirement courses.

U.S. Figure Skating’s Continuing Education Requirement (CER) includes four required subjects: Sport Science, Ethics, U.S. Figure Skating Rules, and IJS Rules.

Janet Lynn is correct in pointing out that her school figure tests, National, World, and Olympic medals have no bearing on her knowledge of the current rules of U.S. Figure Skating or the International Judging System. All professional instructors, from our grass roots and basic skills levels to our International Selection Pool coaches are required to annually pass the tests. It is an important function of the CER program that all professional instructors are current and up-to-date on the rule changes that occur yearly after the U.S. Figure Skating governing council and the ISU Congress.

However, PSA does believe test and competitive experience is an important quality for teaching professionals and encourage our members to advertise those credentials along with their PSA ratings and rankings. An educated professional with personal experience and practical knowledge is paramount to success.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jimmie Santee, CAE, MPD, MG
Executive Director
Professional Skaters Association


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