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Olympian Bill Fauver’s Letter to Past and Current World and Olympic Team Figure Skaters

We’re seeing letters like this all over Facebook and the Internet… How can we all help support the sport we love?? This is a great letter (shared) from Olympian – Bill Fauver.

Dear World and Olympic Team Friends,

Well by now perhaps you have heard that many folks are fed up with Mr. Cinquanta and are looking for a solution to the problem of his continued leadership. The very sport that all of us have enjoyed and benefitted from is at risk of losing its preeminent position, perhaps permanently. The steady decline in figure skating’s position over the last 20 years runs lockstep with Mr. Cinquanta’s rein.

It has been with a mixture of embarrassment and frustration I have seen the statements and changes he has brought forward over the years. He has reduced the industry of figure skating to a shadow of itself and now, whether as a motivation or not as some folks feel, his latest proposals are very possibly the death knell for us. I am a party to a movement along with Tim Wood, Monica Friedlander and Tim Gerber to bring pressure to bear on the ISU Members and Representatives and remove Mr. Cinquanta from leadership of the ISU.

As all of you have benefitted from figure skating we are asking your support on a different level to band together as one voice and support the removal of Mr. Cinquanta. As elite skaters you have given much to figure skating and it has returned that to many of you with careers and security. We ask that you reach out to other elite skaters you may have emails and contact information with and share this email with them. We would like as many elite competitors from all over the world to join us and make the bold statement that is far overdue, “We respectfully demand a change in leadership”.

As a former World and Olympic Team Member I am asking that you decide now is the time to join us and stand up with one voice and demand a change of leadership for the ISU. This will not be an easy task to accomplish but the upside could save the sport from itself and insure that skating can once again be front and center as the best of sports in the world. Please forward any email addresses and names to me of former skater you feel might support this cause, my list is not complete by any means.

Bill Fauver

Below is the original petition link as well;



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