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Planning and Preparations for the 2014 ISU Congress Come to Light

Information Update: Cinquanta’s Radical Proposals: Why No Public Statement From U.S. Figure Skating?

Thanks to information provided to Mr. Ron Pfenning we have indirectly learned of preparations in the works for what will likely take place at the June ISU Congress.

What is important is the outline of possible proposed topics to be discussed in a pre-planning meeting several weeks ahead of the actual Congress. The pre-planning session is part of the normal procedures called for under ISU Governance Rules. The possible topics seem to be addressing the floundering state of the ISU, how members make and vote on decisions affecting the sports the body governs. This letter provides much more information on preparations for the upcoming Congress than U.S. Figure Skating would have provided, which is likely none. Read and comment here or on social media. Thanks again Mr. Pfenning for sharing.

I was just forwarded the following letter from a skating friend in Europe. Very interesting and I thought you might like to know what is going on. – Ron Pfenning

10 April 2014

Dear Fellow ISU Member:

Per ISU Communication 1854, and along with ISU Member colleagues Tatsuro Matsumura of Japan and Sergey Sviridov of Russia, we are pleased to provide you with the following information regarding the “Forum” to be held on the first day (Monday, June 9, 2014) of the 55th ISU Congress in Dublin, Ireland.

We are helping to organize the presentations and content of the Forum, and we are sending this email to request, if you so choose, your assistance and participation. We also are organizing a pre-Forum meeting on May 16 that all ISU Members are invited to attend.

Per ISU Constitution Article 29, Paragraph 6, “Forum on topics” – The Forum at the Congress with no elections shall present topics of interest concerning the ISU sports, including ISU strategy and possible Rule changes for the next Congress. The Forum on topics proposed and prepared by the Members, the Council and other ISU Office Holders shall be held at the Congress every 4th year. The final program for each Forum shall be published with the Congress Agenda and shall not be subject to modification as an Urgent Matter or at the Congress of the current Forum. The Forum has no right to adopt binding decisions. Its role is to advise and assist the Council in performing its tasks as the highest body between the Congresses.

We recently met with Council member Mrs. Marie Lundmark, who along with Council member Mr. Roland Maillard, will be moderators for the Forum. Per ISU Communication 1854, the Council has agreed upon the following topics for the Forum:

1. The on-going activities of the ISU Sport disciplines
– develop and improve the participation of the ISU Members and their Skaters, Officials etc. in the ISU activities;

– improve the interest for the ISU Sports and their attractiveness for spectators, sponsors and media.

2. ISU Elections 2016/2018

Discussion of possible steps to find the right persons (candidates) for the right tasks (positions) within the ISU Bodies
– develop a strategy and procedure;
– logistical way of presentation;
– learning by doing.

The three of us have been selected by the Council to present generally the opinions (both Figure and Speed) for Asia/Oceania, Europe and the Americas. We fully recognize the need for assistance in providing different viewpoints and opinions. Therefore, we are asking for input from each ISU Member to help us present additional viewpoints and opinions, and ask that you send to my attention (, no later than April 30, your views and suggestions on topics or themes that you believe should be discussed, or that you would like to also speak about at the Forum. Of course, there will be open discussion during the Forum, but your early input will help us ensure your topics or views are expressed. We will compile all input received by April 30 into our pre-planning for the Forum.

On Friday, May 16, we are organizing a pre-Forum planning meeting from 10:30am – 4:30pm at the Hilton Rome Airport hotel at the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (hotel is connected to the airport.) The purpose of this meeting is to finalize the general topics for presentation and discussion at the Forum. All ISU Members are invited and welcome to attend. In-person participation at this meeting is voluntary and would be at the expense of the individual or Member (a special room rate will be available; hotel contact information will be sent next week; video conferencing and a call-in audio connection are also being investigated.)

For those who would like to attend this meeting, either in person or remotely via video or audio, we would appreciate your confirmation in advance to help us with planning. Please send your confirmation or any questions you may have to

We thank you in advance for your support to help make the “Forum” a success at the Congress, and we look forward to a productive and constructive pre-planning meeting on May 16.

With Best Regards,

David Raith (USA),
in coordination with Tatsuro Matsumura (JPN) and Sergey Sviridov (RUS)


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