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Cinquanta’s Radical Proposals: Why No Public Statement From U.S. Figure Skating?

Michelle Kennedy’s article in the Seattle Examiner ‘Figure Skating fans go unheard’ she writes about the loud and widespread outrage to ISU President Cinquanta’s proposals for radical change to the sport of figure skating on the internet and that so far “Figure Skating fans go unheard” by anyone representing the ISU. Well, is anyone shocked that the silence is deafening? After all the leader of the sport has continually demonstrated his total disdain for the very group that is the strongest support entity in terms of dollars and interest in the sport… the fans.

The bigger question at this point should be “Why the silence from the major national governing bodies on these asinine proposals.

Are these Federation and Association Presidents, Executive Directors, Board members and their voting representatives to the ISU Congress as angry, outraged and fed up with Ottavio’s continued cluelessness toward our sport as the fans?

Are these Federation and Association leaders currently busy communicating with their counterparts on a strategy, a plan to not only throw these stupid recommendations in Cinquanta’s face, but seek and actually hold a vote of no confidence in his leadership and force this lying, cheating, corrupt leader out! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Speaking for myself, I have long supported U.S. Figure Skating, even when past issues of fairness and instances of dubious ethical leadership because of my love of the skaters, whom without their talents and hard work, the sport would NOT exist. NGB Presidents, Executive Directors, Board members are there to LEAD by supporting their skaters. This support includes derailing policies from within the ISU and their own entities that are detrimental to the sport and the Skaters.

When situations like the one we have now with the leadership of the sport brings total silence from national skating leaders, I start to seriously worry. Why is there no indication from U.S. Figure Skating President Pat St. Peter, Executive Director David Raith, the two candidates running to replace St. Peter as the next USFS President or anyone they authorize to speak on behalf of the Association that Cinquanta’s proposals are unacceptable? The silence does nothing to assure those who monetarily support U.S. Figure Skating programs and skaters that these recommendations are recognized as total nonsense and detrimental to the future of the sport.

No one in the accepted non-blogging media (according to U.S. Figure Skating) has bothered to ask St. Peter or Raith (to my knowledge) “What is U.S. Figure Skating’s position on Cinquanta’s proposals? Are you working with other Federation/Association heads to see to it these proposals are rejected? Do you even recognize these proposals are bad for the sport? What are the Phil Hersh’s, Christine Brennan’s and their counterparts in the sportswriters community waiting for? Or do they even give a damn about the potential damage this latest assault on figure skating will bring?

Finally, this longtime supporter and lover of figure skating is fast reaching the point of total abandonment of the sport out of my sheer disgust for the seemingly never-ending lack of BALLS from skating’s leaders to reclaim the sport, and not for their retention of position within the top-down hierarchy, but for the betterment of the sport and the protection of its sole commodity, SKATERS.

If I am to continue giving my money, time and the printed word to support my skating association and its entity, Ice Network then as a supporter, I am calling on U.S. Figure Skating to provide some indication that they are at least concerned about Cinquanta’s proposals. Give your supporters a reason to want to continue their support. Our Petitions and noise are not going away this time!

3 comments on “Cinquanta’s Radical Proposals: Why No Public Statement From U.S. Figure Skating?

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  2. Jack Curtis
    April 18, 2014

    Well, a couple of thoughts come to mind here. For USFSA, a policy position on something like dropping the short program )one of the Cinquanta proposals) will require a vote of the organization’s Governing Council, which meets annually. That could take a while. Short of that, anyone making a statement is presenting only a personal opinion.

    More important, seems to me, President Cinquanta is asking for ideas to finance the presently defunded future of the sport, (It’s now running on previous savings.) Attacking Cinquanta is shooting a messenger. The financial problem remains existential for both ISU and for USFSA and needs solution. Those disapproving of the Cinquanta proposals have a right to do so but that leaves the problem, unsolved. So too does switching the debate from finances to Mr. Cinquanta personally.

    I don’t care what the mob does to Il Duce, but I must worry about how the ISU and USFSA will pay future bills …

  3. Priscilla Trask
    April 18, 2014

    They are afraid of losing their positions or whatever power or influence they have. Cinquanta, ISU and skating hierarchy are known for vindictiveness. If attempts to remove him fail, those involved and/or their students or children will be punished. Make nice, go along to get along has always been the rule.

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