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Canada, USA, Russia Leading Olympic Team Qualifications; Top 10 Teams Determined

After the first of six ISU Grand Prix events we now know the 10 teams eligible to participate in the inaugural Olympic Team Figure Skating Competition. Canada currently leads the world with 4,821 points. Close behind in 2nd Place is the USA with 4,554 points. Russia stands 3rd with 4,076 points.

Other teams guaranteed to qualify a team to the Sochi event are Italy, Japan, France, China, Germany, Ukraine, and Great Britain. Rankings amongst these teams can change over the course of the remaining Senior Grand Prix events and the Grand Prix Final.

Just missing the debut Olympic event is Australia who will finish in 11th place with 934 points, serving as first alternate. Finishing 12th is Estonia with 671 points, serving as second alternate. These nations cannot earn additional points to improve their ranking, as neither country has been assigned a Senior Grand Prix event in any discipline. An Alternate team can compete in the Sochi Olympics should any of the 10 qualifying nations choose not to field a team entry.

Points for each country are determined through their best finishing athlete/couple at two events. 

The first event is the 2013 Senior World Figure Skating Championships. A Top 24 finish in a discipline earned that country the points specified by the ISU. If the country failed to place an athlete/couple in the Top 24, they are eligible to consider the results of the 2013 Four Continents or 2013 European Figure Skating Championships. If the country still fails to place an athlete/couple in the Top 24 at these events, they can earn points for a Top 24 finish at the 2013 Junior World Figure Skating Championships. 

The second event countries earn points at is the 2013-14 Senior Grand Prix Series and Grand Prix Final. The best finishing athlete/couple in one event is used for the purpose of earning points. Should the country have an athlete/couple advance to the Senior Grand Prix Final, the best finishing athlete/couple is used to award points. A Top 8 finish by an athlete/couple in a Senior Grand Prix, or a Top 6 finish at the Senior Grand Prix Final is necessary for points.

Lastly, if a country fails to earn points in a discipline on the 2013-14 Senior Grand Prix, they can then use their best result from the 2013-14 Junior Grand Prix. That result must be at least a Top 10 finish. The Junior Grand Prix Final was specifically excluded from consideration.
Updated results will be provided after each Senior Grand Prix, with the final results computed after the Senior Grand Prix Final.


Get your own .pdf copy here

The Standings have been computed based upon the ISU qualifying Qualification System for XXII Olympic Winter Games, Sochi 2014 Annex A – Olympic Figure Skating Team Event

2014 Olympics Qualified Team Figure Skating Nations

Point Computations provided by Patrick Ryan (EA, MBA, Accountant), for Blazing Blades Skating News Blog.


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