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Boitano’s Words a Decade Ago re: Skating’s Future – Prophetic!

Concerning Ron Pfenning’s run for USFS President – A flashback to some very prophetic words that have been borne out…

In defending Mr. Pfenning’s call (as then leader of the World Skating Federation WSF) in late March, 2003 for a meeting between WSF and IOC President Jacque Rogge (Rogge rejected the WSF’s call for a meeting saying, “I don’t think at this stage there is a need for a meeting”), to which Brian Boitano made the following comments:
“It’s ridiculous, I think, that they will not even have a meeting,” Boitano said. “They need to recognize that without straightening this out, people will get tired of what’s going on. Viewership will peter off, and then we will end up losing network contracts and winding up on cable. And there goes your TV money.“If they (IOC) are not smart enough to take the future of skating realistically, they are hurting themselves and the sport,” he added. “And it’s not a smart business decision.” 
Note: Brian Boitano made those predictions back in 2003, and boy was he ever right! 

Brian’s remarks from this article from Mar. 2003 – – Olympics Sports – Rogge dismisses breakaway skating federation – Friday March 28, 2003…


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