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World Figure Skating Championships 2020 Montreal – An event of questionable ethics – Skate Canada

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From: ‘A Divine Sport’ Skating Blog – A Shadow on the Sport by Claire Cloutier

A Shadow on the Sport: Why the war on figure skating YouTube is a no-win battle Another figure skating season is winding toward a close, with the World Championships starting … Continue reading

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A case of irresponsible manipulation of public opinion

This is a re-published commentary, with permission of the author, Jennifer Wester from her Facebook ‘Notes’ section… I warn ahead of time that this post is disturbing and unlike my … Continue reading

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NBC, NBCSN & Olympic Channel Television Coverage of the 2018-2019 Figure Skating Season

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2018-19 US National Qualifying Competitions

During the months of October and November, American skaters will compete at regional and sectional championships across the country in order to qualify for the National Championships in January 2019. … Continue reading

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A Message to the ISU on the Murder of Denis Ten of Kazakhstan.

The Nation of Kazakhstan and all the Skating Nations who are members of the International Skating Union are in shock and deep mourning this day following the senseless Murder of … Continue reading

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Mishin warns of arbitrariness in judging after rule changes (Article from Golden Skate News by Tatjana Flade) By Tatjana Flade  Published: June 1, 2018 Photo by Tatjana Flade Legendary Russian coach Alexei Mishin warns that rule changes proposed at the upcoming International Skating Union’s congress could lead … Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce for Competition Confidence Has Many Ingredients

Coaches and Skaters Who Have Mastered the Art©2014 Republished with Permission By Merry Neitlich, Director of the Coach’s Edge. Contributors to this article include: Kori Ade, Marina Zueva, Tom Zakrajsek, Phillip … Continue reading

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Is the ISU on the Wrong Course?

Article Reposted from ‘A Divine Sport’ with Permission Posted on October 24, 2017by clairecloutier It’s unclear what problems they are trying to fix with recent rules change proposals In the last 6 … Continue reading

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Basic Training 101: Periodization Principles For Figure Skating – An Easy-To-Use Workbook – by Coach Tom Zakrajsek – A Layman’s Reflections

Basic Training 101:  Periodization Principles For Figure Skating  – An Easy-To-Use Workbook – by Coach Tom Zakrajsek  A Layman’s Reflections I write this not as a review, or critique as … Continue reading

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